The finest Italian food and recipes, handmade everyday, and served to you in minutes.

Our dining room is now fully open. We continue to serve curbside customers.

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*Family meal options: 1/2 pan serving 9 people, 1 pan serving 18 people.

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MEET THE Founders

Stefania and Andrea Matteucci have a passion for authentic Italian food. That passion inspired them to cross an ocean to bring the food of their home to American diners. But it’s not just food that this husband and wife duo are offering at Loveria; it’s an experience.

As successful architects in Italy, Andrea and Stefania developed a rich understanding of makes Italy and its cuisine beautifully irresistible. Decor, food, and wine were always top of mind for them, and they began dreaming of opening a restaurant that merged those passions into a distinctive culinary experience. Determined to introduce America to their vision, the couple settled in Texas four years ago. Naturally, they named their restaurant “Loveria,” which means “irresistible.”


Loveria offers diners the perfect Italian experience. Restaurant patrons are surrounded by the sights, sounds, and aromas of Italy as they enjoy authentic food. Classic wines, Italian decor, and a menu abounding with options are all part of the Loveria experience. True to its name, you’ll find it impossible to enjoy only once.

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